Demystifying Computers # 1:
Is The Hot Weather To Blame?

You can hear the fan.

– In fact the fan is so loud that it stops you from hearing many other things. The machine took a long time to boot today, and the internet connection appears to lag. An error message popped up at one point too.

Sun SceneYou put this down to the hot weather and carry on regardless: It’s nearly 30^C in the room; and so it seems to make sense to you that the fans of both the games consul and the PC are drawing in hot air, and are therefore unable to cool the machine’s components. – This is what is causing the fan noise, slowing down the internet as well as the machine’s boot-time, and causing error messages.

The above is what is known in the trade as an argument from ignorance.

While the fans are drawing in air at room temperature – a temperature that seems hot to you – it’s actually rather cool as far as the machine’s internal components are concerned. Those components probably normally operate at temperatures between 50 and 80^C. – ‘Maybe higher. An increase in outside temperature has little if any effect upon those components. It certainly won’t affect the machines cooling system as a whole to any noticeable extent, neither will it affect the speed that those components operate at, and it definitely won’t affect the speed of the internet.

30^C is nowhere near overheating.

While overheating can cause some components to function badly, even to throttle down in the case of some processors and NVMe drives; 30^C is nowhere near overheating. Overheating generally occurs between 85 and 150^C, usually above 95^C.

If your machine’s fan is noisy it means that it’s either dirty with dust, the bearings have worn out or are wearing out, or both.

If your machine’s fan is noisy then something is preventing it from spinning to some extent; dirt, dust, worn-out bearings… – That might lead to overheating in severe cases.

Slow boot-times can be caused by a variety of issues, including malware infections – as can internet-lag. Again it’s very unlikely – though not impossible – that slow boot times are caused by overheating. Internet-lag can also be caused by a plethora of factors on other machines which carry the internet and which are third-party to your machine. Error-messages are caused by errors. Those errors may or may not be due to overheating; ‘probably not.

If your machine’s fan is noisy then clean and/or replace the fan.

Also always check for malware infections and PUPs. Sharron recommends ADWcleaner by Malwarebytes for cleaning out PUPs, and running Kaspersky Free Antivirus along with automatic periodic scans by the built-in Windows Defender that comes with Windows 10. It’s a good idea to have your machine serviced yearly by a trained and experienced technician who knows what they’re doing.

Sharron only currently maintains the computers that she sells under warranty. There are other experienced technicians out there.

Only someone who will put their name and reputation behind any work they do for you, or indeed anything they build for you, is a professional technician. – Anyone else is a tech enthusiast, probably without qualification or experience; or simply a bullshitter.

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Is The Hot Weather To Blame?”

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