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Welcome to * About Idol Computers *: The About Page of Idol Computers

‘Probably one of the shortest about pages on the internet because there’s not much to tell right at this moment; save to say that Sharron Field – AKA musician & entertainments performer/producer etc Sharron-Idol – runs this joint.

Sharron is a qualified electronics technician with much experience in both PC hardware & software. ‘See Sharron isn’t just a practicing entertainer who talks tech: Sharron is a tech-talking and tech-walking technician with a lifetime’s experience in technology who also talks and practices entertainments too.

IdolatechexpertNow at this juncture I could start rabbiting on about Sharron’s previous technology-related endeavours starting in 2002 and coming to a crashing-down conclusion in 2008 when the world-recession started to bite and business dried up. – But what happened over 10 years ago is hardly relevant.

I could also start talking about how, between 2012 and 2018, Sharron wrote, produced, engineered, and released over 100 tracks on a number of releases… But that has absolutely nothing to do with building your computer; so again it’s pointless and a waste of space.

All I can tell you, then, is that Idol Computers is like a reincarnation of the old venture under better economic conditions. Sharron has over 10 years more experience to call on since the last time round, including further college training, and the inspiration and tuition of master computer-builder and technician Carey Holzman.

This venture is scheduled to start running in early June 2018; which is almost 10 years to the day since the demise of the previous venture in computer-building.

Inspired by Carey Holzman.

And it’s with that short piece of text that I add these words in this paragraph purely for the sake of SEO in order that Google don’t deduct a drop of Google-Juice from their blessings upon this website… How much crap have I written so far? How much more do I need? I think that might actually do the trick…

What more can I say? – Let’s do this!


– – – – –


Sharron not only builds & sells computers. – Sharron-Idol is also an entertainer: A singer/songwriter/producer with her own recording label: * Ice Recordings *. She’s produced remixes from artists such as Aria Taylor and Becky Hill on this label, as well as recording well over 100 of her own tracks that she wrote & composed totally herself.

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