Sharron-Idol; Tech-Geek Entertainer, Offers You Computer-Tech-Merch

Idol's Budget Premium PCThe idea of designing and creating a computer; then selling it en masse, was an idea that Sharron had for a new concept in merch. – Yes most entertainers do T-shirts, perfume, badges, whatever, in their name. But Sharron. – She’s the tech-geek entertainer: and she brings you a computer in her name. – She brings you * Idol’s Budget Premium PC *.

‘Over to you Sharron: –

“No It’s just not practical to bring you something that costs thousands for every build, is at the forefront of the cutting-edge of technology, and that drains the entire national-grid when switched on: Nobody would buy it, and those that did would probably run it seldom or not at all. What’s needed is something that has great green credentials; that costs very little to run, yet performs well. – And that’s exactly what you get in * Idol’s Budget Premium PC *. – It costs just £267 if supplied without an operating system. You’ll find that useful if you want to run a free Linux distro on it. It’s only £357 with a fully-legit copy of Windows 10 Home, or £377 with a fully legit copy of Windows 10 Professional. I’ll talk a bit more about * Idol’s Budget Premium PC * in a while.

If you want me to build you something more powerful that is cutting-edge, does cost thousands, and uses more power; then I’ll do that for you if you live in the UK and you can pay for the components and have them delivered to me so that I can build the machine, pay the fee for my time in building it, and pay the nominal fee for delivery of the finished item. – Get in touch with me via Facebook Messenger or via my website if you’re up for it.

…But you know what? * Idol’s Budget Premium PC * is a really good PC. I’m writing this on my personal model of * Idol’s Budget Premium PC *. I leave it on all the time and do nearly all my computing on it.

It has a great little sound-system which you can plug in to via a jack-plug to the Line Out either on the top or back of the machine to experience the Realtek codec in analog form, or plug a USB sound card into any of the many USB ports for digital audio, as I’m doing. – Or even a decent USB set of speakers. – It’s great sound.

Great_Deal_On_Summer_PriceWith its 8 gigabytes of RAM as standard (More if you like – though it costs extra.) as well as its SATAIII 6GBs/second solid-state boot-drive, * Idol’s Budget Premium PC * is easily able to handle everything in the line of everyday computing and office work that you set it to do.

Where it does fall down is graphics: * Idol’s Budget Premium PC * is not designed to be a gaming rig, and converting it into a gaming rig is an expensive task. – But unless you’re wanting to play video-games at X-frames-per-second, * Idol’s Budget Premium PC * is for you. – And it’s merch: Sharron-Idol’s merch. Why pay for a T-shirt that you wear a few times, or a bottle of perfume that you wear a few times, or a badge that you never wear, or a bottle of drink that last a few hours?

Of course I sign every * Idol’s Budget Premium PC * computer that I build.

“How does anyone sign a computer?” You ask.

If you make a purchase you’ll find out how.

Sharron-Idol offers you the chance to pay a little more and buy a piece of souvenir-merch that you can use every day, and that will probably last you five years or more.”

– – – – –