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Midsummer Special Offer: ( UK Only ) 
A Unique, One-Off Build Of The * Idol Worx Plus *
At A Discount Price

* Idol Worx Plus * - unique one-off build.Equipped with a dual core Intel Celeron (Sky Lake) CPU and 8 gigabytes of 2400MHz DDR4 RAM; this great little box is an excellent workstation or simple home computer.

At a special offer price of only £317.00 + delivery; It has a one terabyte Hard Disk Drive, giving you a decent amount of storage space. 

This machine is normally delivered without an operating system: The customer installs their own software… However if you want Sharron to add an activated Windows 10 install its £115.00  extra for Home and £155.00 extra for Professional. – It costs a little more than buying from Microsoft because Sharron has to install and activate it in the buyers’ name. If you’d like a graphics card to boost the graphical potential then it can be fitted.

The machine currently uses the on-chip Intel graphics on the CPU; but if you want Sharron to add a card to bump that up to 2GB of graphics She’ll do that for an extra £37.00UKP. – ‘Cost price; as a part of this special offer.

She’ll also throw in a wifi card (fitted) for an extra £15.00UKP.

Everything you get is under warranty: Underwritten in terms of the physical components used by the suppliers, and the build itself is guaranteed to be failure-proof for a year after you purchase it by Sharron herself, who built it.

– So if live in the UK and you’d like a unique, one-off, build of the * Idol Worx Plus * PC. – Including a terabyte of storage, 2 gigabytes of graphics power, wifi-capable, and Windows 10 Home activated in your account/name, it’ll only cost you £499.00 + shipping to wherever you tell Sharron to send it to that doesn’t cost any extra than normal UK delivery in the UK.

If, on the other hand, you want it without the extras: Working but no operating system, no wifi, and onboard Intel CPU graphics, then it’s £317.00UKP + delivery.

This is a one-off  offer and it’s open to UK residents only. The offer is open until Midsummer’s day on the 21st June 2018.

Only 1 computer is available under this special offer: This is literally a 1-off.

Please contact Sharron via Facebook to take part in this offer.

Find out more about the * Idol Worx Plus * build.

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