The Computer I Use For All My General Computing

What Do I Mean by “General Computing”?

Basically anything that isn’t processor or GPU-intensive and doesn’t depend on X-frames-per-second: Word processing including running Microsoft Office 365 for instance, watching films and/or TV, web-browsing, email, chat, article-editing, coding… All on a machine that costs me next to nothing in electricity, yet has the necessary power with its 4 cores of AMD processing power, 8 gigabytes of memory, and ultra-responsive SATA III solid-state drive. (I have a hybrid drive in mine: Part SSD and part HDD; but it’s still pretty fast. SSDs are installed as standard.)

Budget_Premium_PC_adSeriously I leave this computer on 24/7 and I don’t notice any extra electricity usage. – And I’m sometimes working on the machine for half of that time – sometimes more.

When it’s idling the monitor switches itself to standby and the motherboard powers down to consume around 10 Watts maximum. Even when it’s running normally it’s the monitor that uses most of the juice. The computer itself shouldn’t use more than around 20 Watts MAX.

Take a look at this: –

Idols Budget Premium PC Summary

This was my prototype model; so admittedly I have a couple of things that are more than the default values: For instance I’m running Windows 10 Professional. The default operating system is Windows 10 Home, but you can have Pro if you prefer. – Either or both are extra to the default price of only £267 UK Sterling, which is for the machine without an operating system. – So in short that’s the machine with Windows 10 Home for £357, or with Windows 10 Professional for £382. – It’s a great price if you ask me: 4 cores, 8 gigabytes, and a solid-state drive, for less than half the cost of an equivalent machine that you’d buy in the computer store, plus a slightly-cheaper-than-normal yet genuine official unique copy of Microsoft Windows 10.

I Designed An Electronic Eco-Warrior-Computer With Green Credentials

Yes I designed this machine. No it’s not fit for playing the latest games on, and it’ll be useless for crypto-mining. – Everything else it can handle.

It’s cheap to buy, cheap to run, and good enough for me to use most of the time. That means it’s good enough for you to use for general computing & office-work too.

Why Is There No Optical Disk?

Because on the default case there is nowhere to mount an optical drive. You might like it built in a case which makes provision for an optical drive; but the optical drive itself will increase the price, as, probably, will the alternative case.

Why DDR3 RAM (Memory) ?

DDR3 RAM is cheaper than DDR4. Although DDR4 is faster RAM, the tiny resultant performance-gain for a non-gaming machine from using DDR4 would increase the overall cost of the machine making it far outweigh the optimum limits in terms of price for very little gain in terms of overall performance. – In short then; it would be a case of price up a lot, performance up a tiny bit but hardly noticeably so.

Why The Weird Graphics Resolution?

Don’t worry about that: It’s just the way I have it because I’m using an old monitor. Space is at a premium in my studio, so I use a smaller monitor for this comp and a larger one for the main comp. The graphics will give a great picture at normal resolution on a normal monitor.

Why Only 465 Gigabytes of Storage on the Disk?

The default drive that I use when building these machines is a 250 gigabyte solid-state-drive. There is more storage on this machine because it’s a prototype which was built for me to use, and I saw a hybrid drive for sale cheap just before I built it. This machine has more storage than the default amount; but you can opt for more if you like… The only thing is that a larger drive or an extra drive adds to the price.

I have the machine sharing a 4 terabyte partitioned-external-hard-drive by adding the drives as networked drives both on this machine as well as on the rest of my computers. – That way all my main data is centralised and available across my network, including via the cloud. (I rent a gigabyte of storage from Dropbox, which I mirror  on one of my drives.)

Why Such Low Graphics Capability?

The default graphics are run from the APU’s on-chip graphics module. The default graphics are ideal for general computing, including watching films, tv, and pre-created animations. – Indeed I have absolutely no issues with the default graphics… However the default graphics are of no use to gamers, as is the machine itself. If you want a machine for gaming then I can build you an alternative design for a larger cost; probably utilising an AMD Ryzen CPU and associated 3rd-party graphics card.

Why a Budget Computer?

‘Thing is, right, I sell myself as The Tech-Geek Entertainer; because I’m a tech-geek in a very practical sense. – I’m not a “fanboi” of any type really. I like Windows; but I like all things technical to some extent. I’m not a fan of technical or technological products, I’m a fan of technology itself. Anyway as a Tech-Geek-Entertainer I need appropriate merch; and what is more appropriate to/for a tech-geek than a computer? – A self-built computer?

‘Thing is: Price. – Nobody but celebs are going to pay top dollar for a state-of-the-art all-singing, all-dancing, top-of-the-range computer that dims all the lights on the National Grid when you use it. I need something cheap that has great credentials to offer fans as merch, and also to offer non-fans as a product too. I need something that has a small element of profit in it for me: I have to make a living.

Questions, Questions; Give Me No Answers. – All They Ever Give Me,
Is Questions, Questions…

Please excuse the Spandau Ballet lyrics-quote; I just had to use it because it was so tempting. I do hope this piece has answered some of the questions you may have had about Idol’s Budget Premium PC. Having done that I’ll now link you to a page where you can find out more about it. –‘Even register your interest in it and have me discuss it with you further if you like. – Click or tap this for more…